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Sonic Emersion Studio creates music and sound FX designed for multi-channel multi speaker audio systems. This Omni dimensional audio experience is rendered, recorded and mixed for any multi directional reproduction platform.

Music and sound FX created through this approach can be tailored to other configurations, such as position based multi dimensional sound and Stereoscopic Binaural recording.

For this experience we have chosen 5.1 Surround Sound, as it is the most commonly used platform. You can play our music on any 5.1 speaker configuration – Via web streaming on your gaming station or a home theater surround system.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this first online demo.

Thank you for stopping by and good listening!

BTW: If you would like to check that your Surround Speakers are correctly assigned please visit HTML5 AAC Audio Playback Tests - Multichannel Test Page where you can download a brief speaker assignment test.


Robert Morris, Founder

Robert is a composer, multi instrumentalist and producer. He has been working in the realm of 3-D audio since 1997. Initially he developed a Hexaphonic guitar that renders a multi directional, encompassing and lush listening experience. Since then he created Sonic Emersion Studio and it has evolved to include recording and mixing of a wide variety of multi channel Sound FX and Instrumentation that is unique and timely.

Emrah Zengin, Software Developer

Emrah is a software developer in various technologies since the end of the "Commodore 64 era". His passion for software development combined with digital music led him to be part of Sonic Emersion.


Mac OSX Users
Mac users please click here in order to listen to the 5.1 Demo in a multi-channel environment.

Contact Us

Phone : (310) 461-5826
Robert Morris : rob@sonicemersionstudio.com
Emrah Zengin : emrah@sonicemersionstudio.com